San Fruttuoso

Italian cooking is very regional that is why you will never find Cacio e Pepe in Tuscany or Scampi e Fagioli in Rome. Some foods real taste you will never know unless you take a trip to that particular region. Some ingredients, for instance “basil” taste the best when it is grown on Ligurian land, watered with Ligurian water and grown under Ligurian sun.
Anybody can make pesto but nobody can make it taste like the one they make in the Genova area, where pesto orginates. Personally the best pesto I ever had was served over  “Lasagnette.” I had in while  visiting San Fruttuoso with my family. One of the best kept secrets in Italy, San Fruttuoso, is a medieval monastery turned into three little very rustic restaurants, is nestled in the cove right next to Portofino. It can be reached only by a 2 hours mountainous hike or by boat.

Recipe for the best Lasagnette al Pesto:

take a trip to Portofino, find for Renzo the handsome boat captain,  ask him to drop you off in San Fruttuoso, have him pick you up in 3 hours, after your lunch and coffee!

This recipe pairs well with lots of sun and wind on your face!

Cook and travel with your heart! Rima

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