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Developed by Chefs Rima and Claudia the recipes for A Tavola Together Gluten Free Focaccia, Pizza Dough and Baking Mixes have been tested for years. Only after perfecting the ingredients and transforming them to taste as good as they looked, did these chefs bring these wonderful Gluten Free Mixes from Italy to the USA. To the frustration of many, Celiac disease and Gluten Intolerance is spreading faster than good tasting gluten free products. Gluten free mixes that satisfy the palate of the pickiest customer have finally arrived!

Changing Lives. We employ talented women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, women who want to improve their life and the life of their families. Because we believe that education is essential, we strongly encourage and support women who work for us to enroll in school. We also know that cooking is a life skill and when kids learn to cook they learn responsibility and independence. To teach kids the power of cooking we created At The Table Together Foundation.