“Fight Food Waste, Feed the Planet”

We had the pleasure of attending the World Food Expo in Milan, Italy in October, and we learned an abundance of amazing things, including the newest trend in world food: minimizing food waste. “Fight Food Waste, Feed the Planet” focused on providing direction for food waste prevention and invited prominent figures in lawmaking as well as non-governmental organizations to help address this massive issue.

Approximately 1/3 of all of the food produced around the world is either lost or wasted–around 1.3 billion tons a year (more than enough to feed the nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world). Wasting food is an ethical, economical, and environmental issue. We learned that ALL actors in the food chain can address this problem by preventing and reducing¬†food waste while still providing quality assurance from farm to table.

At A Tavola, we believe that making a global difference starts in our homes and local communities. So we asked ourselves, what are some things that we can personally do to reduce food waste? Below are some tips that outline minimizing waste from the store to sitting down for mealtimes.

1. In the Store
Cutting back on food waste starts in the stores. Buy only what you need, staying realistic about your food consumption and keeping in mind that the funny looking produce may taste exactly the same.

2. At Home
In accounting, there is an inventory procedure known as FIFO (First In, First Out). As it turns out, this is a wonderful tool for minimizing food waste. When unpacking groceries, move older food to the front, stocking the newer items in back. This way, you focus more on what is set to expire.

3. During Mealtime
In the store, we suggested staying realistic about your consumption, this also applies to when you are sitting at the table. Stay in touch with your stomach to determine what you are going to eat and how much. If eating out, split the dish with a friend to make sure that those giant portion sizes go to good use.

For other wonderful ideas about how to cut back on food waste, see this article by Greatist.

Food waste exhibit at Expo Milano in October 2015

Food waste exhibit at Expo Milano in October 2015






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