Baciccia Beans

What do you do when a good friend       delivers a case of your favorite     vegetable to your doorstep?
Give him a big kiss of course and
follow up with a tasty meal.
A BIG thank you to John Dentoni
for this great surprise!

Many people are not familiar with the wonderful Baciccia Bean.  It is a long green bean that grows on a short bush. Like other fresh beans it is a warm season vegetable and is harvested all summer to early fall. Unlike other fresh beans it is classified as an heirloom plant which means that is has been reproduced for generations without cross-breeding. In fact, the Baciccia Beans that my husband grows in our garden are from seed plants that were brought from Italy by my grandfather!

The wonderful sweet taste and velvet texture make this a very likable bean. Because of our “late” summer you can still find these delectable treasures at your local farmers’ markets. Steam them for just a few minutes and enjoy while bright green and crisp-tender, or incorporate into your favorite green bean recipe or watch the video and try this Italian summer favorite.

Cook, Eat, Laugh..Claudia


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