Pancake and Waffle Mix

Pancakes and Waffles are American favorites. Easy make are quick easy fluffy and delicious. Just follow 3 easy steps and if you don't tell anybody would even know they are gluten free!


Pancakes and Waffles are American favorites, now everyone can enjoy breakfast together! No need to say these are Gluten Free, just make them for everyone, nobody will know!

Size 2 lb 10 lb 25 lb
units/case 6 2 1
Yield (4" pancake) 32 240 600
Hi & Tie 7x20 4x15 8x10
packaging (bags) Kraft Lined Paper Multi-Wall
Item # 520 440 450
UPC 851590005520 851590005445 851590005452
Ingredients: Brown rice flour, tapioca flour, sugar, double-acting baking powder, evaporated sea salt, xanthan gum, guar gum. (Non-GMO available upon request.)